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终极狼人杀-一场游戏交一群好友 apk

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The most fashionable and trendy cute girls and handsome guys are here to call you to play backgammon, beast chess, werew

The most fashionable and trendy cute girls and handsome guys are here to call you to play backgammon, beast chess, werewolf run, ultimate basketball, who is undercover, werewolf kill, K song, hi Mai, chat, truth or dare, life restart simulation , various chatting and playing voice social games. Google Play Taiwan Hong Kong’s most popular voice social game in 2017. Find people with similar interests to try fate together and play heart-pounding games. The registration for the ultimate werewolf slaying the king’s voice competition has officially started, singing, show hosting, freestyle will come when you have the strength, please check the in-app game announcement for registration.
[Double dating mini-game] 1V1 fun and interactive mini-PK, voice chat games are both correct, and you can chat when you meet your heart~
[Happy multiplayer game] The ultimate werewolf kill, who is the undercover, truth or dare, entertain and sing to meet more interesting friends.
1. Two-person voice fun mini game
Gobang, Beast chess, Werewolf Run, Ultimate Basketball and other new games, one stop to the end 2V2, and talk to Ta about the future while playing. There are so many two-player mini-games, play it in your spare time, and you will know how exciting it is to play a game.
2. Multiplayer social voice chat game
Play Ultimate Werewolf Kill, Who’s Undercover, Truth or Dare, Hi Song, Small Talk, Emotional Counseling, Birthday/Wedding/Anniversary/Holiday Party with more fun people.
3. Find interested families and share happiness together
The special interest family will bring you together. Loneliness is a carnival of a group of people, and a carnival is the loneliness of a group of people. Join the family to explore beauty with more family members, and explore the wonderful world with the cute girl fresh meat in the family.
4. The most professional werewolf killing gameplay
The novice zone is a fun entry, and you can get started quickly; the simple mode is new and advanced, interesting and funny; the 12-player classic guard and Eros mode test logical reasoning; the high-level mode multi-role competition, 100% brain-burning.
5. Stay informed about the people you follow
The online function of friends allows you to keep up with their latest developments, and you can go to Ta’s game room to play together with voice every moment.
Official QQ group: 387107568
Official Email:
WeChat Official Account: Ultimate Werewolf Killing
Official Facebook Page: @orangelabcn
Official Line: @het8209b

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